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  • 神品臺灣高山茶

    Organic and Sapiential Cultivation

    The cultivation of Summus Tea is a completely organic process without using any pesticide, herbicide or other chemicals. For instance, Beans and peanuts are used as base fertilizers for the soil of plantations, and the soil is periodically manured with overdue milk from supermarkets. These organic measures guarantee that Summus tea is rich in various amino acids, thereby conveying the mellow flavor of summus tea.

    It is well known that one of the biggest challenges in organic cultivation is how to effectively control tea pests in the absence of pesticide. After extensive research and with the help of Taiwan Tea Research Institute, we create unique methods for pest control which synthesize traditional agricultural skills and modern scientific methods. For instance, the expensive neem tree oil will be sprayed on tea bushes and the pheromone-trapping devices will be set up in the farm during the outbreak of Lesser Green Leafhoppers. Although the effort and cost required for organic cultivation are tremendous, we fully understand that our persistence amounts to the superb quality of the tea.