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  • 神品臺灣高山茶
    高山烏龍茶 Health Products 高山烏龍茶

    Summus is making an effort to develop health products based on green tea and other plants. Our first pipeline products will be based on the active components extracted from green tea. Currently, we are developing tea health products rich in certain polyphenolic components. These polyphenolic components have been shown to be capable of protecting human against chronic respiratory disorders. Our company have launched a scientific R& D team and collaborated with the research institutions in China and the US. The first series of SUMMUS health products rich in some polyphenolic contents will have protective and therapeutic effects on air pollution-induced respiratory disorders, and therefore they can easily enter the healthy product market in East Asian counties. This on-going project will facilitate the company to fulfill its long-term goal-providing advance health products derived natural plants.